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Early pregnancy Essay

Early pregnancy is considered â€Å"socially problematic†, for example, : broken families, separation and a few adolescents feel they isolated. Moreover, individuals accepts that being pregnant in an early age are at the high hazard for unexpected frailty results during pregnancy, for example, tests ,nutrients and even exercise and it is an aftereffect of being a kid mother since they are youthful not to recognize what the correct activities. What's more, even in the labor she didn’t realize how to mind with her child on the grounds that she’s excessively youthful. What's more, during the time spent growing up of her kid the majority of them doesn't ready to show a decent mentality to their kid on the grounds that even them their folks haven’t instruct them well so the history rehash itself. Be that as it may, in the opposite way around some kid mother care, instruct and concentrate on their child since they don’t need that their infant would be same after them. What Age they considered as early pregnancy? It is 15 years of age and underneath. Since it have a high pace of newborn child mortality which is 13 per1000 live births, exceptionally low birthweigth =24 and very preterm conveyance = 43. Contrast with 16-19 years of age baby mortality = 8, exceptionally low birthweight = 15 and very preterm conveyance = 22. So this examination meant that 15 years of age and underneath thought about early pregnancy. Foundation Why did I pick this subject? Is that I feel that talking about this one is the best intention for open the psyche of those young person not to do pre-marriage sex which will result a â€Å"Early Pregnancy†. Another explanation is to clarify what is the circumstances and logical results variables of early pregnancy. Some may don’t truly care about this subject, yet for me this is significant. Since our populace is expanding while our financial is diminishing and it was so disturbing. Another motivation behind why should I need to talk about this is to illuminate the brain of those lady to make the most of their youngster years and furthermore single life. At that point to maintain a strategic distance from her to huge duties she can't take. Also, to abstain from annihilating a great deal of woman’s future.

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Research entry on John Rawls Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Section on John Rawls - Research Paper Example On November 24, 2002, the whole American country experienced the pitiful destruction of John Bordley Rawls. Rawls procured his noble residency level of James Bryant Conant University from the Harvard University (Wenar 1). He likewise effectively accomplished his accomplishment of Fulbright association at Christ Church, Oxford. Rawls likewise got a few honors of respect and deference for his administrations for America. Being really meriting, Rawls was given Schock Prize for his Logic and philosophical keenness. In 1999, he was given a Medal of acknowledgment for keeping up the soul of American vote based system. Two well known hypotheses of Rawls are ‘Theory of Justice’ and ‘Law of People’. Rawls accepted that there was no substantial presence of contention among uniformity and equity. He attempted his level best to free the contradicting pictures from opportunity and balance that were created inside the assumptive personalities of individuals. By means of his hypothesis of Justice, in 1971, Rawls attempted to reproduce the predominant ideas of correspondence and opportunity, and disclosed to the whole country that both of the thoughts have overlying qualities. Both are not opposite, in actuality they run corresponding to one another ( 1). Both can together create an extreme intensity of association that would consistently have express reasonable and just results. This hypothesis lamentably didn't bring out a lot of significant impacts true to form. For all intents and purposes, it wasn’t that fair and one case consistently out administered the other. Late during his vocation, Rawls saw the overwhelming effect of the universal governmental issues those days. In this way, he delineated the ‘Law of People’ and expressed that individuals having virtues are either ‘liberal’ or ‘decent’ (Wenar 1). He could anticipate the horrendous results of good minorities if methods of taking care of governmental issues were not changed. Law of People was to secure the privileges of cooperation of minorities in the races as the political situation was focusing on the hardship of better than average individuals from

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Surf Up at Patagonia Essay Example

Surf Up at Patagonia Essay Example Surf Up at Patagonia Essay Surf Up at Patagonia Essay Surf’s Up at Patagonia. Question 1) Patagonia focuses on the significance of recruiting workers with enthusiasm an energy for anything, not simply sports. For what reason do they spot such significance on enthusiasm? For what reason would they feel that somebody with an energy for something random to sports (I. e. cooking) may be a fantastic worker for their organization? Answer. HRM branch of any firm would want the best workers while selecting. It is on the grounds that cash and above all time is spent in preparing them. So the primary targets is recruit extremely effective and faithful representatives. Productive and roused laborers would likewise mean Labor Turnover at its base. Through these procedures a firm can set aside enormous piece of cash which can be contributed somewhere else. Patagonia utilizes an advanced method for enrolling its representatives. An energy for anything would imply that workers would likewise have enthusiasm to carry out their responsibility. Patagonia sells sports types of gear and clearly sports take after enthusiasm. As Patagonia is ‘a firm with passion,’ they additionally need their representatives to be energetic towards anything. With the goal that they can comprehend the significance of energy on work. This enthusiasm will prompt higher effectiveness and very much persuaded workforce. Earnestness towards work will consequently increment and there will be lower work turnover and non-attendance rate. Profoundly energetic workforce would likewise mean more prominent client relationship and creation of great merchandise. From these it can e inferred that Patagonia is a definitive gainer. Question 2) What impact do Patagonia’s practices of giving kid care and giving to ecological gatherings have upon worker profitability and maintenance? Why? Answer . Patagonia has this astounding kid care office which is ‘onsite childcare. Single parent employee’s youngsters can remain at their sight. This will make the representatives more made sure about their kids while at work. Consequently, this will make an unattractive environment for the working guardians and will assist them with concentrating more on work as opposed to stressing over their youngsters. More fixation would m ean increasingly proficient workforce and high commitment towards work. On the off chance that the firm is all the more morally dependable, at that point the representatives will feel glad to work at the firm. Patagonia shares a huge corporate social duty. Besides, the representatives can likewise pick where to give cash and where not. Feeling of accomplishment will work upon the representatives while choosing giving gatherings. The workers will likewise feel morally capable. This proudness for the firm will lead them to be increasingly given towards their directors and Patagonia. What's more, this dedication will clearly be thought about their work, they will me progressively productive and cautious. By the two different ways the representatives at Patagonia will turn out to be increasingly effective and in this manner there will be least wastage of assets and expanded benefit for Patagonia. Question 3) Can you see potential maltreatment of a strategic scheduling program? What does an organization do to forestall such maltreatment before they happen? Answer. Strategic scheduling is an office a firm gives to its workers. Representatives can pick their ideal occasions and furthermore working hours. It’s a key to assist representatives with the fixed general working hours. Strategic scheduling is planned, particularly in Patagonia, so a representative can proactively keep up work-life balance. Presently, there are likewise a few fallbacks of strategic scheduling hours which can expressed as follows: Efficiency of work may diminish because of hesitance to work during business hours. Representatives may accept the position too effectively and may later face a heedless circumstance, for instance, time the board. Also, this is the way nature of work may diminish. The circumstance referenced before may likewise ruin the business condition. Representatives may work at whatever point they need to and set of accepted rules can be rebelled. Representatives may mislead the directors to appreciate offices. By observing a worker taking a period off may likewise entice different representatives additionally to enjoy a reprieve. Thusly key workers probably won't be close to hand when required direly. t may likewise bring about a diminished fixation towards work and soul of collaboration as representatives and working hours het partitioned. To forestall these sorts of slacks an organization may take the accompanying measures: Hiring solid administration gathering can stop bungle among laborers. Check and review back ground and other data on workers to see who very strategic s cheduling and to stay away from miss utilization of office. Estimated strategic scheduling ought to be allowed to every representative and there ought to be a standard that what number of laborers can take a break at a specific period. Giving offices like nearby kid care may lessen the use of strategic scheduling.

Multilateralism and Regionalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Multilateralism and Regionalism - Essay Example The greater part of these local understandings stayed inside the idea of unhindered commerce regions and the greater part of them depended on a multilateralization of two-sided understandings or associations. The mushrooming of activities conceived an offspring such a large number of settlements and establishments of financial mix which despite everything exist, except never were a triumph, in light of the fact that territorial zones were imagined as likelier locales for import-subbing industrialization than little national markets. Not many of these territorial groupings were effective in promoting more liberated exchange or more profound monetary reconciliation between accomplices. In the creating scene local understandings were viewed as a methods for decreasing reliance on financial ties with the industrialist center district. The hypothesis of similar preferred position, positively, contends that unhampered trade between nations will enlarge the aggregate sum of world yield if each nation will in general concentration in those products that it can create at a relatively lower cost contrasted with conceivable exchanging accomplices. Each nation at that point will exchange a few of those lower-cost products with different countries for merchandise that can be framed somewhere else more monetarily than at home. At long last, with organized commerce among countries, all nations will find that their utilization potential lean back outside their residential creation potential. Near bit of leeway and its extensions from a hypothetical point of view have not brought about any significant debilitating of the general quality of this collection of hypothesis nor of its result, an unhindered commerce framework. The justification with the expectation of complimentary exchange is subsequently very old. Building his case on the additions from exchange to be had from specialization mirroring the division of work, Smith had the quintessence of the contention right. Be that as it may, it was left to David Ricardo (expanding on James Mill) to secure the case officially. Ricardo utilized a stripped-down model-just one factor of creation with consistent efficiency of work in two merchandise, yet with relative profitability between the products distinctive across two nations to show that the two nations could pick up from exchange by means of specialization. The Ricardian investigation suggested that this specialized chance of picking up from exchange would be acknowledged whether an approach of facilitated commerce were embraced in an institutional setting where costs guided asset designation. In any case, the logically acceptable evidences of exchange's advantages that we current business analysts request are the craftsmanship of scholars working in the twentieth century. David Ricardo equipped supporter of organized commerce with the hypothesis of near preferred position. His essential supposition that was that each monetary worth was made by work (the work hypothesis of significant worth) and a conviction that the three fundamental components of creation (land, work, and capital) couldn't move across national limits. Ricardo and different financial experts, be that as it may, were keen on realizing what law administers the circulation of national salary among the variables creation, and what the determinants of universal exchange designs are. Heckscher - Ohlin approach The old style Ricardo accepted, actually or as a result, a solitary factor of creation. Clearly, that presumption blocked contemplations, for example, the outcomes of differing input extents and of changes in exchange on the dispersion

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Cross Cultural Understanding Essay

The principal culture that would be considered as a customer for this paper is a minority culture of Asian Americans in the United States. Factually, Asian-Americans form the fourth biggest social gathering in America. Nonetheless, their social gathering is altogether a long way from the third one which are the Latin American inhabitants of the nation. Additionally, a significant point to comprehend for the Asian-American culture in the United States is that despite the fact that they are American residents and are arranged under Asian plummet, their social gathering and substance the same number of nations have a place with Asia, for example, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese (Zhang, Snowden, and Sue, 1998). Be that as it may, as of late, in spite of the fact that there has been a consistent flood of Asian nationals who have relocated to the United States so as to look for some kind of employment, family, or some other reason, there is likewise a class inside the Asian-American people group †the individuals who have been descendents of Asians in the nation. Be that as it may, at any rate for this paper, those two subcategories of Asian-American will be viewed as together. For this minority social gathering, we will way to deal with the conversation from the perspective of Jessica. Jessica is a Filipino who has relocated to the United States five years prior and whose present occupation is a family local partner for a white collar class family in the nation. In the same way as other different Filipinos †in reality like numerous different Asians who have relocated to the United States, in spite of the fact that their social convictions have been related by numerous individuals in the nation to be either Buddhist, abilities, or any of the far Eastern religions, Jessica is really a Roman Catholic. Being a Roman Catholic, she has the obligations and duties of going to Mass each Sunday and convictions any a significant number of the lessons of the Roman Catholic Church, albeit a portion of the convictions are socially not quite the same as Roman Catholics in the United States in view of her Filipino roots. Additionally, she was taught up to first-year school in our locale back in the Philippines and is a mother of three kids who have remained back in the nation and who, in any event as indicated by her, she needs to move to America throughout the following years if her investment funds from her present control of as. Her significant other is likewise backing her nation of origin. Having amazingly incredible family esteems, her girl †the oldest of her youngsters †his arrangement to go to the United States ahead of schedule one year from now to begin concentrating here as a grant that has been allowed to her by the neighborhood Filipino people group and care group. Jessica, being an occupant of the United States and have a place with any minority social network in the nation, is obviously qualified for get social help as is suggested, recorded, and enacted by that country’s government (Brown and James, 2000). Be that as it may, this isn't the main motivation behind why Jessica is accepting social administrations. The way that she has a place with a minority social network in the United States mirrors that she is an individual is limping in an unexpected social foundation in comparison to what she had been utilized to back in her nation of origin. Truth be told, back in the Philippines, living a long way from the urban city and in the provincial regions of the nation, Jessica, at whatever point she feels a sickness, doesn't quickly go to the neighborhood emergency clinic not just in view of the specific costs that are required so as to get clinical treatment, yet in addition as a result of the long-standing social conviction that before any clinical assistance and help is taken and recorded by residents, the primary individual that one methodologies is the nearby healers of the network (Monzon, 1995). Hence, here, living in the United States, Jessica out of nowhere winds up in circumstances where he and on the off chance that she has clinical sicknesses, issues, or even minor conditions †something which is typically felt particularly when in the business of local and family unit work †she doesn't perceive that she is qualified for different clinical rights as she is a citizen of the nation. What's more, due to the absence of the neighborhood healers of the nearby occupants in the United States, Jessica possibly looks for clinical consideration when the illness that she feels arrives at a terrible state. In the event that Jessica was back in the Philippines, in spite of the fact that she would have unquestionably gotten social government assistance and social work administrations, she would have had nearby help and be acquainted with the arrangement of clinical treatment in our nation. Be that as it may, presently, being the United States, her concern is that such clinical consideration is overwhelming particularly for a vagrant laborer in the nation who realizes that her pay in compensation is generally low contrasted with different residents (Huang and Yeoh, 1996). The accessibility of social work for clinical access as well as for data in regards to what the heck administrations of the nation can offer gets basic for her situation and the numerous other household assistants that have a place with Asian-American people group in the nation. The second individual that we contemplate is an individual named Lucas. Lucas, in any case, isn't the genuine name of the customer for reasons that will be clear. Lucas has a place with a social dominant part in the United States †African-Americans †who have coordinated themselves from family, to condition, culture, and even to work, in more noteworthy metro polyps and territories in the United States today. Lucas is 24 years of age and works in a publicizing organization in one of the numerous advertising bunches in the city. Likewise, he is single and living independently from his family with a pay that present levels of pay would arrange as under the white collar class. He has gotten an advanced degree from one of the neighborhood state schools and is anticipating taking up a Masters qualification in news coverage for open correspondence in the following two years. Likewise, Lucas is a Baptist Christian and has a place with a tightknit network of families that training the confidence. In any case, not referred to his relatives and as he has just uncovered to a couple of individuals, Lucas is gay and has known this for a long while. He consistently experiences sexual experiences with men in and around his age having a place with a wide range of races and societies. As of late, Lucas, after accepting clinical exam and blood test †just as a guidance from one of his sexual accomplices †as found that he has the HIV infection and that his CD4 check is as of now beneath 300. The CD4 check is a marker of the quantity of white platelets an individual has. An individual without HIV or doesn't have any invulnerable framework issues will for the most part have 700 to 1000 CD4 include in their blood . Indeed, even people who have contracted HIV infection don't really need to accept prescription as long as they are CD4 tally stays above 300(Solomon et al. , 1998). In any case, when this number is penetrated, certain dosages of drug must be taken each day at a specific time without missing a solitary portion so as to guarantee endurance from the malady. Actually, unbeknownst to Lucas or numerous others who have contracted HIV infection and have been tried, and individual with HIV could get by up to the typical life expectancy of people given that they either take their medication consistently in routinely without missing a solitary portion or safeguarding appropriate authority to keep their invulnerable framework up if their white platelet checks have not yet gone beneath 300 (Veazey and Lackner, 2004). Be that as it may, on account of the pessimistic show of HIV, numerous individuals don't take note. Besides, the prescription for HIV-positive people are amazingly costly (Kalichman et al. , 2000). It is dependent upon social laborers to educate people, for example, Lucas that the prescriptions required to fend off the HIV infection and to keep up legitimate safe framework so as to carry on with a full sound life is in reality free and given by the wellbeing administrations of the nearby and national government with no charge. Truth be told, starting at as of late, any person who has contracted HIV infection and begun the prescription that is given by the administration have not experienced passings more than five years on account of its effectiveness (Cole, Kemeny, and Taylor, 1997). The main issue with HIV is that people don't know either if it’s dangerous impacts, its issues of transmission, or the way that medication is dispersed unreservedly by the legislature is once tried this constructive. Lucas had possibly known about this reality when he had gotten data and help from social laborers and the arrangement of medical advantages for HIV-positive people together with social work situations are kept in complete namelessness particularly considering the way that Lucas has a place with a strict group of Christianity that support such activities (Nelson, Rosenfeld, Breitbart, and Galietta, 2002). I, then again, am a 28-year-old hetero female and have been brought up in the nation, despite the fact that conversations with guardians and family members have uncovered that I have some Italian and Native American roots. Additionally, I am profoundly strict and have faith in enormous families, just as a firm adherent that sex should just be experienced after marriage as it halted by the Catholic religion that I intensely practice. As a social laborer, it is exceptionally fundamental to comprehend †particularly considering the two customers that have just been referenced before in this paper †of the different settings they are originating from. Indeed, one of the most hazardous methodology is particularly in social work is on the off chance that we have social specialists promptly induce judgment upon people. These two personalities, albeit essentially not quite the same as one another and even fundamentally not the same as my own, require thoughtfulness and interface since it is just through understanding their nearby social and social setting would I have the option to comprehend the manner in which they think and in this manner additionally have the option to figure anticipates how to support these people and even have the option to help other in the victuals who have a place with a similar social and social greater part or minority later on. For instance, in t

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What Does a Messy Room Say About Your Personality

What Does a Messy Room Say About Your Personality Theories Personality Psychology Print What a Messy Room Says About You By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on July 02, 2018 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on January 08, 2020 Verywell / Brianna Gilmartin More in Theories Personality Psychology Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Behavioral Psychology Cognitive Psychology Developmental Psychology Social Psychology Biological Psychology Psychosocial Psychology In This Article Table of Contents Expand Mental Health Personality Advantages of Messiness Disadvantages of Messiness View All Back To Top Do you ever dream of living in the perfectly clean and organized rooms of a home decor catalog? Or would you rather spend your time in a room cluttered with objects, souvenirs, books, art, and items that make up your daily life. For some people, a tidy room can be soothing. An orderly retreat in an often disorderly world. For others, such rooms can be sterile, bland, and uninspiring.  Some people feel anxious in a cluttered room while others feel their most creative amid the squalor. Organization is big business these days. From books to seminars to organizational systems, everyone seems to want to find some way to perfectly arrange every aspect of their lives.  Messiness has long been viewed as something of a character flaw or a sign of laziness. Cleanliness and organization are  presented as the idealâ€"both a sign of and path to success. But what about those that are a little bit messier or more cluttered? What does a messy room say about you? What exactly is behind messy room psychology? Mental Health Having a messy room might be the result of a lot of factors. It might mean you are busy and have little time to clean and organize. It might be a sign that you have too much stuff. Or it might be the result of having young kids in the house who are usually not motivated to clean up after themselves. But if your room is just habitually messy, does it say anything about the state of your mental health? In some instances, the state of your room might be linked to a psychiatric condition. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder, for example, may become so preoccupied with keeping things clean that any amount of disorder can become a significant source of anxiety. In other instances, people hoard items to the point that they cannot part with even the most trivial objects. Their homes fill with years and years worth of useless items, from old newspapers to plastic containers.   Does having a messy room have mental health implications? Beyond these and other serious conditions, the psychology behind a messy room can hinge on a few key factors:If having a messy room is a new phenomenonIf the mess is something that actually bothers youIf it is a sign of something deeper going on in your life Messiness Might be Normal Is your messiness habitual?Some people simply do not place a high priority on having everything clean, organized, and in its place.In this case, messiness is simply a normal state of affairs. If the house is cluttered and it’s just fine with you, then it’s probably more a sign of your personality and preferences. Messiness From Feeling Overwhelmed Does the mess bother you?If you are frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed by the clutter and disarray, then it’s a clear sign that something needs to be addressed.  Sometimes a mess might be frustrating, but figuring out where to start and how to tackle the problem can seem overwhelming.This might mean eliminating some things, learning new organizational tactics, or getting other household members to help with the cleanup. Messiness as a Sign of Depression Is the messy room something new and unusual? If you are typically neat and organized, suddenly not caring about a messy room might be a sign that something is going on in your life. For example, messiness can sometimes be a sign of depression. Depressed people often feel too fatigued or hopeless to keep up with routine household tasks.Depression can also make it harder to stay focused and have the energy to straighten up a room.  If you struggle to stay on task, it can be hard to devote the time and attention needed to keep things tidy. So while you might notice that the room is messy and have intentions to clean it up, finding the concentration and energy levels needed to do the task can be difficult or even impossible.If you suspect that your messy room might be a sign of problems in your life or a result of depression, don’t be afraid to reach out. Talk about what is going on with your doctor or consult a mental health professional to get specific advice for your situation. A co unselor, therapist, or doctor can help you get to the bottom of what’s going on and assist you in coming up with a plan of action to address the problem. Personality So what makes tidy and messy people different? Are some people just born with personalities that prefer order while others thrive on chaos? While some might suggest that a cluttered room is a sign of a cluttered mind, those who prefer this type of environment are not necessarily disorganized. Their desks might look like a jumbled mess, strewn with papers, envelopes, and files. Yet they always seem to know exactly where each and every item is when they need it. The famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud was once attributed as saying, “Don’t clean up the mess. I know exactly where everything is.” In fact, some people seem to thrive in this type of environment. Some of the most creative and productive people seem to be incurable slobs. If having a perfectly neat and tidy room is what inspires you and helps you feel productive and creative, it might mean that you tend to have more of what is known as a Type A personality. People with this personality type tend to be perfectionists. Having everything in its place helps fulfill their need for order and control. But if you tend to be more laid back in your approach to housework and tidying up, it might mean that you have more of a Type B personality type. People with this personality type are more relaxed than their Type A counterparts. Rather than focusing on achieving perfection, they are more attracted to ideas, experiences, and creativity. Advantages of Messiness And there is research that supports the idea that messiness also has an upside. Researchers found that while working in an orderly room encouraged behavior such as generosity and healthy eating, working in a messy environment actually led to greater creativity.   Increased Generosity In the study, participants were asked to fill out questionnaires in a room. For some of the participants, the room was very clean and organized. For other subjects, they completed the questionnaire in a very messy, disorganized space. As they left the room, participants were offered a few choices. First, they were asked if they wanted to donate money to a charity. Then they were offered a snack: either an apple or a candy bar. Those who completed the survey in a tidy room were more likely to donate more of their own money to a charity. They were also more likely to choose the apple over the candy bar. Increased Creativity The researchers believe that doing work in a clean and tidy space activates social norms encouraging people to do what is expected of them. Working in a messy space, on the other hand, relaxes that need and allows people to break free of social norms and expectations. In a separate experiment, participants were again placed in either clean or messy rooms and then asked to complete a task, which involved finding new uses for ping-pong balls. The participants were in the messy room condition were rated by impartial judges as coming up with more creative and innovative ideas than those who are in the clean room condition. Such findings may have implications when designing workspaces, particularly for professions that require a great deal of innovation and creativity. Employers might be encouraged to allow their workers to design and create workspaces that are more highly personalized, even if that means they might be less tidy. Obviously, as the researchers explain, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who is exposed to a messy environment will become more creative. Some people tend to work better in highly organized spaces while others work better in less organized environments. Personality and preferences are things that come in to play in such situations. Forcing a person who prefers a tidy space to work in a disorderly environment, for example, might actually result in less creativity and lower productivity. And jobs that are focused on efficiency and fast decision-making might be better geared toward tidy workspaces, while those that hinge on creativity might be better suited to less tidy spaces. So while orderliness might be the most aspirational quality, research has also shown that there are some advantages to being messy. If you tend to have a messy room, here are some possible advantages backed by psychology research. Increased Willingness to Try New Things One study found that subjects in a messy room were capable of solving brainteasers more quickly than those seated in an organized room. The scientist Albert Einstein, famous for his genius and creative thinking, was known for having a messy desk. “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” he once asked in response to comments on his workspace. In another experiment by Vohs and her colleagues, participants were randomly assigned to either a messy or tidy room. They were then given a smoothie menu and told they were taking part in a consumer-choice study. They were told to select one of three smoothie options: a health, wellness, or vitamin boost. Half of the menus referenced the health option as classic. The other half of the menus described it as new. The results revealed that people in the tidy room condition were twice as likely to choose the classic option, while those in the messy room were twice as likely to choose the option described as new. The results suggest that people in neat and tidy environments are more likely to stick with the conventional, while people in messier environments are more likely to prefer novelty. While minimalism might be trendy, it might also be crushing your creativity. If keeping a tidy desk or room is causing you more stress than the mess itself, trying relaxing for a while, live with the mess a little, and see if it helps open up your creative abilities. Disadvantages of Messiness Of course, habitual messiness also has its downsides. A messy room can make it harder to find things when they are needed, and in professional settings, it might result in missed deadlines or losing important documents. But there are other possible downsides. Less Charitable Leanings Vohs and her colleagues found that people who had spent time in a messy room were less likely to contribute money to charity. Eighty-two percent of participants who spent time in a well-organized room were willing to contribute their own money to charity, only 47 percent of people who had spent time in a messy room we’re willing to give money. Decreased Willingness to Follow Rules Previous research has shown that people who are exposed to a disordered environment are more likely to commit crimes. This does not necessarily mean that neatniks are more moral than sloppier folks. It simply means of being exposed to an orderly environment seems to encourage rule following. This can, of course, have its upsides and downsides. In situations where following orders is important, however, it might be beneficial to keep things tidy. Less Healthy Choices In the study mentioned previously, researchers found the participants who had been in an organized room were more likely to make good health choices. Instead of choosing a candy bar, they selected an apple. These findings suggest if you were trying to improve your health, you might want to start by cleaning and organizing your space. A Word From Verywell Both order and disorder can be found in abundance in nature and in our self-created environments. Sometimes people tend to be messy in one setting and more orderly in others. As research on the topic suggests, each state has both its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In order to determine what a messy room might say about you, start by considering why the room tends to be disorderly, including your own habits, preferences, and state of mind. If you function fine in a messy room, then dont let trends pressure you into pursuing a more organized or minimalistic lifestyle. However, if the messiness is something that causes you stress or if you suspect it might be a symptom of an underlying psychological problem, consider steps you can take to address the problem. This might involve assessing your habits, getting others to help, or talking with a doctor or therapist about your concerns.

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Paying College Athletes

Paying College Athletes September 7, 2013 Paying college athletes is not the answer. Time Magazine has a major expose out on why paying college athletes might be the future of college athletics. We at Ivy Coach dont happen to agree with this, but well entertain their points so that we can respond to them. Essentially, the argument presented in the piece by Sean Gregory entitled Its Time to Pay College Athletes is that why shouldnt college athletes get paid if they can? Why should the NCAA have regulations about this? Why cant they get some cash for, say, signing autographs or endorsing a brand of toothpaste? The article references a specific instance in which Texas AM quarterback Johnny Manziel was accused of accepting money in exchange for signing autographs. Adrian Peterson of the NFLs Minnesota Vikings believes that Manziel should have been allowed to accept money without jeapordizing his collegiate football career. Hes performing a service. He should get paid for it. At least thats what Adrian Peterson believes. A major argument in support of paying college athletes is that these players may never get to play pro. Maybe theyre not good enough. Few are. Maybe theyll get injured while playing college ball and, because of this injury, not get the opportunity to get paid as a pro later. We understand this and we do sympathize with college athletes who dont get to turn pro because of a college injury or series of injuries. But to pay college athletes while theyre in college would create division among college athletes and non-athletes. It would ruin what is so great about collegiate sports clean competition where its about pride and its about representing your university. At least thats what its supposed to be about. Paying college athletes isnt the answer and this isnt a problem. If athletes want to get paid, dont play college sports. Go pro. Play overseas. Its that simple.